I grew up in sunny south Florida at the dawn of the 70's, through the schizoid adolescence of the 80's. I was a happy, imaginative, weird little kid. A love of comic books and the stranger side of pop culture fed into my passion for drawing from a very early age. I continued to pursue my artistic interests through high school & college, and graduated from Florida International University with a BFA in Fine Arts. After living in New Orleans for several years, I returned to South Florida and studied Graphic Design at Broward College. My illustration work has appeared in numerous national publications, including Instinct, MAD Magazine, and NewTimes LA.


My work is marriage of pop culture and fine art: the hard, graphic line of cartoons and comics, as well as the lush textures and light of traditional painting. Iā€™m striving to create a consistent visual language with a broad emotional range: by turns funny, scary, sexy, sad. I love the notion that fine art, illustration and graphic design can intertwine and cross-pollinate, creating something that crosses artistic boundaries and feels both classic and contemporary, playful yet meaningful.

I live in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida with Jay, my partner and inspiration, a cockatiel named Lucy, and our beloved French Bulldog, Ella.